Make your own cards.

Or download and take the ones I made… I don’t care.

I started off doing write-in ideas onto blank cards that come with the core game.

Eventually, I had enough of my poor handwriting and found my way to the sites listed below. Without them, this hobby would die.

First collect a list of your card ideas in text, so you can copy/paste them in bulk into this websites form.

You will quickly find that some of the cards take some tuning to have a good aesthetics. Eventually you may stop caring as I did and only tweak/tune a few of them.

The “\n” is your friend to add new lines to your cards.

It took a tremendous amount of effort, as you can tell, to make my own custom icon “J” icon for my cards.

Don’t forget to grab the backs to the cards also on the same site to make them look “official”.

From here, I used the suggestion from the above site of PrinterStudio to print out my cards.

Filter your selection down tho this size card: 2.48″ x 3.46″ (63mm×88mm). Additionally, you can use either the 310GSM linen or the 300GSM, I personally can not tell the difference.

For my own personal take on the results of the site. They have always delivered quality cards, so I have always gone back. It’s a bit more expensive (in particular shipping) than I would care for, but I know what I’m getting and I’ll be happy with the end result. I’m certain there are other places out there, that are probably just as good of quality and possibly lower cost.

Be patient (in all aspects) if you choose them. Their website is extra slow (which I have no idea how you even make it take so long for a website to react to a clicking a checkbox). After placing your order, they complete it pretty quickly (usually 2-3 days)… Then… they sit on the package for like a week before taking it to the post office (I think, maybe twice they only waited 2-3 days, so it felt “fast” those times).

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