The Cards you find here…

First an foremost, all these cards were made for my personal collection.

I did make efforts to prevent the following, but I guarantee at some point (if by nothing else other than the statistical likelihood of it) you will find the following problems:

  • Typos
  • Duplicates
  • Poor Grammar (this is usually on purpose though).
  • Bad mechanics (not every card has been drawn/used).
  • Cards that are very similar to other sets out there.

Deal with it… I’m unlikely to correct any of this, out of pure laziness. The only exception is if it is a really good card.

The batches of cards that are posted are randomized from my complete set.

I will try to post cards in batches of 54, for two reasons.

  1. It’s easier to load up the cards in smaller batches (you don’t want to try to load up hundreds of cards all at once).
  2. If you plan to download and print out the cards you find here, most print shops will typically sell their decks in factors of 54. Each post of cards here will include a link to download a zip file with all the printable quality cars (note the individual cards posted for viewing purposes are of reduced quality).
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