The First Card…

The first idea for a card I had was before I was even thinking about making any write-in cards.

We were sitting around the dining room table playing with the original deck, possibly with an expansion or two… I can’t remember now. It was definitely before we hit the stage when the game gets stale from seeing the same cards over and over.

Drinks, snacks and cards… having a good time.

My daughter comes hauling out of the kitchen with something she isn’t supposed to have in her hand and runs past me. The table and chair set is one of those taller, bar height sets, so I’m pretty high up. I reach out to try to grab either her or what she has in her hand, and the back right leg of the chair I’m in breaks.

The chair I’m in and the popcorn bowl tumble to the ground. I land in the heap. I believe, or am pretty sure now, that I almost lost my pants too.

And the first card born…

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